Years of Continued Growth and Building Relationships

Bruce Martin designs custom interiors for residential and commercial clients. Decades of successful projects and long-term client relationships formed Bruce's philosophy: To create comfortable environments that reflect and surpass a client's vision.

Bruce listens first, and then creates environments respectful of client's personal tastes and lifestyles. He aspires to interpret and translate each client's individual style to create their dream environment. This is why most clients come back for Bruce's design advice, for one, two, three and even four consecutive projects. Several clients listed below have required Bruce's expertise on more than one project.


Pioneer Steakhouse and Saloon, Ketchum, ID
The Kneadery Restaurant, Ketchum, ID
Ketchum Cantina, Ketchum, ID
Meydenbauer Office Building, Bellevue, WA
River Street Bed and Breakfast, Ketchum, ID
Sheepskin Coat Factory, Ketchum, ID
Thunder Spring Condominiums, Sun Valley, ID
Larkspur Condominiums, Ketchum, ID
Rico's Pizza and Pasta, Ketchum, ID
Thomas Praggastis Attorney Office, Ketchum, ID


Chris and Linda Moscone, Mill Valley, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Joe Clark, Seattle, WA / May, ID
William Wrigley Jr., Chicago, IL / Sun Valley, ID
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Santa Monica, CA
Bernt Bodal, Woodway, WA / Lake Chelan, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Elisabeth Bodal, Queen Anne, WA / Woodway, WA / Lake Chelan, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Peter and Mona Prudden, Oklahoma City, OK / Sun Valley, ID
John and Maryann Underwood, Seattle, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Mark and Ann Kenyon, Chappaqua, NY / Windemere, FL / Sun Valley, ID
Jeff and Colleen Wood, Corona Del Mar, CA / Hailey, ID
John and Debbie Bacon, Medina, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Paul and Debbi Brainerd, Bainbridge Island, WA / Seattle, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Joe and Gail Boskovich, Los Angeles, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Richard Dick and Dee Prichard, Newport Beach, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Don and Joan Merlino, Seattle, WA / Sun Valley, ID
Twigg and Sharon Twiggsmith, Honolulu, HI / Sun Valley, ID
John McEnroe, New York, NY
Lillian Disney, Nampa Valley, CA
Jeff Brotman, Seattle, WA / Sun Valley, ID
John Miesenback, Seattle, WA / Sun Valley, ID / Palm Desert, CA
Robert and Victoria Zoellner, Cresskill, NJ / Fire Island, NY / Sun Valley, ID
Sam and Kathy Jadallah, Hillsborough, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Don Uhlhing, Cresskill, NJ
Norman Hascoe, Greenwich, CT / Sun Valley, ID
Tom Wiesel, Ross, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Rich Robbins, Mill Valley, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Ranney and Pricilla Draper, Laguna Beach, CA / Sun Valley, ID
Charles Johnson, Emerald Bay / CA; Sun Valley, ID
Nelson and Pam Bowers, Chattanooga, TN / Sun Valley, ID
Earl Smith, New Canaan, CT / Sun Valley, ID
Robert and Saundra Young, Windemere, FL
Dr. Brack and JoAnne Davis, Sun Valley, ID

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